Dougie's Backpacker Resort

Dougie’s has been around for quite a while and Steve and team have worked very hard to ensure that those who travel to Port Douglas and stay at Dougie’s have a memorable and fun experience.  However, that is not all that Steve is renowned for.  Steve is committed to the local area and works to ensure that his backpackers, who are seeking work in Port know what is required. His latest idea is the 'Ready for Work' program in which those wishing to seek work, know how to approach employers, what is required by local businesses such as the Restaurant trade and so that the experience is fulfilling for both the employer and employee does his best to job match the prospective employee to the employer seeking staff for the season.  This is no mean feat.  The plan is still in the formation phase, and hopefully will be rolled out completely in the 2017 season.
Meeting the needs of local establishments and working to ensure his clients (the backpackers) are happy takes a great deal of time, planning and bringing it all together for the benefit of the local business community.  
Dougie’s has a jobs board at reception which is kept updated and the staff know a thing or two about what the local businesses want.  Dougie’s tries to meet the needs of the Restaurants large and small, the local hotels, dive and snorkel boats and the Resorts and Spas.
Dougie’s philosophy is kick back, relax and let the staff of Dougie’s do it for you.  This is a fantastic service!!  Dougie’s staff get to know their clients well and what they are capable of doing.  
Well done Steve, for taking on an almighty task for the benefit of all in the community.
For more information about Ready to Work, call Steve on 07 40996200

Welcome to Douglas Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is a not for profit incorporated association. Its membership includes local and regional businesses, tradespeople and other groups.
It exists to serve all aspects of the business community whatever the industry base and is not secular in its membership.

The Chambers fundamental purpose is to provide an information node or nexus for business, both for the encouragement of better business practice, dissemination of data, and a networking point for business.

The Chamber encourages members and businesses to embrace regional collaboration and competition. A strong Douglas Region and economy has flow on factors including positive business confidence, better employment conditions, a strong and diverse economy and ultimately a more attractive lifestyle for local residents and visitors.



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